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and technology and in this antiquated energy infrastructure with things like smart grid technology to transport renewable energy. third, an energy policy has to be conservative. to save energy, to conserve, to find ways to use it efficiently and sparingly. and finally a national energy policy would enlist private businesses to manufacture the products that create and generate renewable energy. things like solar panels, wind turbines, they should be made here in america. we shouldn't have to buy them from finland or from china. there are already leaders stepping up to bat on this issue. there is a bipartisan slate of brave, truth tellers. you've seen it this week. mayor bloomberg. governor cuomo. governor chris christie. president obama. and when we are fortunate enough to see the president-elected to that second term, that group needs to take this agenda to congress and pass it within 100 days. lead gentlemen! lead! and we, you and i, need to pressure them to do it. the hurricane has forced the issue. now
, performance, technology. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪ >> jennifer: from meatloaf to done at trump, quite a few people lost their minds this week, but now we turn to brett ehrlich. shhhh, brett's talking now. >> well, there are eleven days to the election and i hate to see how crazy they will be given how bonkers this week has been. donald trump offered to give $5 million to charity, if obama would turn over what he says are low college transcript rate. and now know all of the things that i thought this guy would go to jail for, it was not tax revagus. >> and here is a claimed video of president obama's birth in kenya. is that this real? it makes the president the first baby to have a birth weig
for energy. and we have the technology. there are farms in portugal and spain and australia and the u.k. where we got to jump all over this. there are jobs for our children, and this is innovation. this is a no-brainer. let's run with it. >> eliot: some how there is something affirmative and optimistic listening to you guys. it sounds like there are answers. let's hope the politicians think there are as they cross that line. chris mooney and dr. reese halter. thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks. >> eliot: at the top of the hour join jennifer granholm in "the war room" for swing state polls with her guest michael tasmaste of the daily beast. coming the one time it's okay for you to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart. this is more than a teddy bear. it's a step towards norm
the technology and the resource base to make it work, and to make it possible. >> jennifer: we can finally lead, we can finally lead rather than being the laughing stock of the global community for burying our heads in the sand. the cost of these natural disasters is escalating by the billions. do you think in decision to a planetary global warming argument there is an argument that might work where the suffering and scientific haven't. >> it matters because it undermines our quality and safety of life, including wrecking the economy. so this has been one of the core reasons for decades actually that the call has been to make the energy system safe because it's going to save us from a lot of disasters. there is not really a difference between the climate change idea, the motivation, and the economic cost as a motivation. they really are the same. we are reckless in how we are unwilling right now through our politics because the public is willing, not just the political system to make modest investments to avert huge, huge damages like the one this week. >> jennifer: absolutely. cheveron, for ex
and more permits and licenses. >> obama: we made the largest investment in clean coal technology. >> romney: in the last four years you cut lances on federal land and waters in half. >> obama: not true. >> romney: how much did you cut them. >> obama: not true. governor, we produced more oil. >> cenk: yeah, i'm more pro-oil more pro-coal and then i brag that i drill more than president bush. and then bragging how romney isn't pro coal enough. i was. >> listening to governor romney talking about how he was the champion of coal. when he was the governor, he stood in front of a coal fire plant and said this plant kills people. now he's running around talking like he's mr. coal. come on. come on. you know that's not on the level. does anybody ever actually look at that guy and think he's really into coal? >> cenk: ha, ha, ha, romney is not into coal enough. if you elect an democrat we'll really be into coal. even into coal even more. climate change, mtv who gives a damn about that. and did it help? did your strategy a piece oil and coal, did it help? no super pacs run by the coal and oil industr
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)